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Micmac, the lucky Monkey is the much-loved mascot of the Wild Tribe Ranch. 'Micmac', meaning 'my friend' in the Native American tongue, symbolizes the fun and frolic awaiting for you at the Ranch. He is the innovator in designing the whole ambience - look around for him at our place and you may catch a glimpse of his tail disappearing behind a nearby tree!

Namma Chennai! A city that is rich in heritage, tradition and adventure. One city, which has been carefully developed without losing its custom values and most of its games revolve around the war habits and bravery.

Being a Chennaite, do you want to experience those heart-pounding adventurous outdoor activities? Then, you have rightly landed up at our home page.

Welcome to WTR!

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Safety First Your safety & comfort - our first preference

Trained Guys
First Aid Boxes
Fire Extinguisher
Local Hospital

Testimonials The people's experience at Wild Tribe

Absolutely goes with the name Wild Tribe it is adventure, and exciting experience. The team don't compromise on any rules laid come what may, they stick to the line safety first. Off course it's fun. The helping team and crew get a special mention here as all are well trained and are aware of all the norms .
They handled 88 kids of age group 13 to 14 with care and took care of their safety measures, they never allowed kids without rechecking the harness the kids had a whale of a time. Very happy and a big thumps to the management who does not support aerated drinks and smoking. The team works together as the team as the leader holds them together.Totally recommend this place for adventure and skilled atmosphere.      Visit: Aug '16 & Sep '16

  • Mrs. Gayathri- PTA member Shishya - Adyar

Thanks a lot, Irene. It was a lot of fun and the whole team enjoyed it!    Visit: Sep '16

  • Mr Naveen Natrajan- Wipro

The Tuti Patriots Team had a wonderful time at the Ranch. It was professionally organized and in a cordial but safe atmosphere. All the boys had a fun filled day. We thank the entire Wild Tribe Team for giving us such an awesome experience.    Visit: Aug '16

  • Mr Sudarsan, CEO, Tuti Patriots.

Excellent! You guys have made our hearts smile!     Visit: Sep '16

  • Mr. Tim Lopez - Social Team

Thank you Mani, Raj, Vijay, Pravin....Awesome boys! Am sure you guys can make more hearts smile...You guys can SMILE MORE!!!    Visit: Sep '16

  • Dr. Sony Mathew - Kerala

Our team enjoyed speeding quality time at your ranch. Thanks for the experience!     Visit: Sep '16

  • Mr. Giri - BNY MELCON

It was good! The coordinators were very good!    Visit: Sep '16

  • Mr. Ashok Surendran - ZOHO

Marvellous, special mention to guides at the Devil's Ramp...Karthi, Mani, Sandeep...Kudos!!  Reduce Cost & can add more clusters!     Visit: Sep '16

WILD TRIBE: Thanks for the feedback, New clusters & special combos introduced (as on 15th Oct)

  • Mr. Nitish - Cognizant

Nice! Enjoyed Paintball and the guides there made our hearts smile! Please make Flying Fox operational all through the day!    Visit: Sep - '16

WILD TRIBE: Thanks for the feedback, ZIP LINER is now operational all through the day with lesser restrictions and max weight limit enhanced to 100kgs during conducive weather conditions.

  • Mr. Sai Vamsi - VIT University

Very Adventurous & happy!    Visit: Aug '16

  • Mr. Krishnand Nair - Infosys

GREAT, AWESOME! Most of the guides made our hearts smile!  Please clean riding area!    Visit: Aug '16

WILD TRIBE: Thanks for the feedback, Mad Riders is an off road sport and prone to more dusting, we have installed additional nets & enhanced house-keeping frequency.

  • Mr. Ashwin - Accenture

Incredible! Keep up the good work! You have made our hearts smile!  Introduce new activities.    Visit: July '16

WILD TRIBE: Thanks for the feedback, We now have 22 activities..i.e., 6 new activities added since July '16  (as of 2nd Oct '16)

  • Mr. Sadhanad - Group of Cousins

Good job on the new innovation!! Keep it going!  Please try making it as steps and reduce the steep ladder in zip liner.      Visit: July '16

WILD TRIBE: Thanks to these feedbacks, we have incorporated changes in starting and ending to make the experience better.

  • Ms. Madhumitha - Retail guest

We all felt exhausted at the end but we are not complaining! :-) Keep the good work and continue to provide the same happy service.    Visit: May '16

  • Mr. Hariharan - Amazon

Superb and very new experience! Every guide made our hearts smile, especially at Flying Fox, really we kicked the fear here!      Visit: May '16

  • Ms. Neethu Lunkar - Sony Centre

It was very nice experience. Had great fun. Just make your packages little flexible.   Visit: April '16

WILD TRIBE: Thanks for the feedback, based on similar reviews and feedbacks, we have introduced SHAREABLE packages since July '16

  • Disha & Co
  • Ms. Nirupama - Philips
  • https://youtu.be/UoCdYXmScns